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Dark Circle -- Worldwide

Dark Circle returns with this abrasive sound experience and welcome you to the current cosmic singularity garnished with visual excitements by Dominic Jackson and his creative entourage.

It's been a decade since the classic Civilians LP but now the time has arrived for Dark Circle to retake the stage and we can look forward to further material, including a 2nd video, and Anik's Cryptochrome album amongst other projects.

We were also lucky enough to harness the hermetic energies of the famous jazz musician Finn Peters, who pops up briefly to blow through a metal tube with intriguing nuance.

*track produced by Esh for IBMCs/Dark Circle 2013
*video & audio mix by Dominic Jackson

Special thanks and real love to all the people involved in making this project a reality.


Lyrics by: Dark Circle


On the move since we knew how
Train stations, planes taken through clouds
6972 towns
Stanstead sunrise sunset nowhere
name the place man I'll go there
Bought the rain down on sonar
Love the burning of cold air
Far from home and have no home
Need no home but I don't care
My hat's hung hard
Roots dug far its like oh yeah
So pass the passport pass the port an past important
Start the car and cart the horse and
chart the stars and to wind with caution
We're going worldwide -- it's in my bloodline
Its untold countries, the untold unwinds
and you know it's like......

(hoyx star)

You really gotta hate this beat but I take it & lace it
Join it with a verse straight from Reykjavik
The track you play just a little resume
of how we living life everyday
Pour ma famille, mes potes, mes amis
Je me souviens la 'sic est therapie
Pour tous les hommes who haven't yet heard
We're spreading out, spreading love, spreading the word
All a uno a fi understand
whatever happen together we run dis ting
Seitdem ich hier, zusammen mit dir gelandet bin,
Worldwide fam, la femme, Mann und Kind
I walk the walk, slang the slang in this,
patois repertoire switching languages
Understand that I leave bands in bandages
and gangs of kids gonna wanna bang this ish...


released July 15, 2013



all rights reserved



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